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Your child loves LEGO? You want your child to be creative, smart and successful in life? We offer educational classes for kids age 2-5 based on LEGO® Education approach.

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‘Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow’

Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future - experiencing the endless human possibility.


‘Inventing the future of play’

We want to pioneer new ways of playing, play materials and the business models of play - leveraging globalisation and is not just about products, it is about realising the human possibility.

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Welcome to Smart Lego Kids. We are a children's innovative LEGO Educational classes in New York City. Our curriculum is based on Harvard and MIT research Center on the Developing Child. Classes are based on Lego Education 4C methodology. We mix engineering approach with Scandinavian innovative educational framework.

Our program is module  based ( class is 45-50 min), with variety of engaging educational  materials. We have more than  1000 LEGO-bricks in our arsenal which, in addition to carefully tailored  didactic  materials, creates an unique educational environment for  little LEGO lovers. We strongly focus on Math and Logic skills.  

FALL  Semester Registration is OPEN!

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You can feel confident that the person teaching your child has been  LEGO certified and  trained in the use age  appropriate techniques.  We are certified to teach following preschool learning areas:

1.Creative Exploration

2.Early Maths 

3.Social & Emotional


4.Early Language


Our curriculum is educational, unique and fun! Your child will  explore numbers, shapes colors, table games and problem solving through LEGO-bricks. Children will learn to experiment by endlessly constructing and deconstructing their different creations. We will do LEGO- matching and counting,  LEGO- simple addition and subtraction,  problem solving and much more.


We offer  following  classes:

** Baby LEGO  

**LEGO Guru 

**LEGO Einstein

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My son took his first class last weekend and can't wait for the next one already. Maria included him and helped him to be comfortable right from the beginning. I loved being able to watch the class and see how much all of the children loved the Legos as well as the other activities. Maria fit so many different skills into one class and it never felt rushed. Thank you!.

Benny Fitz

Katherine Bouwkamp Habr

My son raves about his Lego class, and he is not the one to like being alone in a classroom environment. Maria is highly professional and very g​ood with kids, she keeps them busy challenging them to the best of their ability. We will be attending all the classes she ever has because I think that learning through game is essential at this young age.

Tess Timonial

Taisiia Ryabtsev

Great class! Fun & educational. Unique program, experienced staff.

Hugh Canduit

Marina Z. Imberg